Recently I cleaned out a corner of the reading cabin at my school and I came across several teacher manuals, student notebooks, magnets, and folders from the Fundations program.  It was apparent that someone had been to a Fundations professional development but it seemed like they did not implement the program upon returning since most of the materials were still sealed in their original wrappers. A quick flip through the materials peaked my interested and so I brought them home for the summer to see what I could learn and possibly use in the future.

Today I began my investigations into Fundations with a skim of the website:

Here is what I learned:

  • It is a division on the Wilson Language Basics for K-3
  • It was created in 1985
  • It is heavy on skills and learning in isolation
  • The length of lessons is 25-30 minutes
  • They use the word DYSLEXIA! (Oh my!)
  • They have a newsletter titled The Decoder (clever!)
  • They have a informational PDs offered as well as certification classes
  • There are several types of information sessions that range from 7-15 hours in length

My interest was peaked until I watched a few of the videos posted on the website:


So, I am not sold on the delivery BUT I do think the CONTENT of how words work might be helpful for teachers like me who plan on digging deeper into word study.  I think the materials are worth exploring further.  The question is how?  Is it worth going to the introduction workshops or can I get out of the program what I need just by looking at the materials I have?

If anyone knows more about the program…please let me know your thoughts!

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