A Curious Mind

th-2When I saw this interview on CBS Sunday Morning about a new book coming out titled A Curious Mind I was intrigued and pre-ordered the book: http://www.cbsnews.com/news/brian-grazers-curious-mind/

The book arrived on my doorstep on April 7, 2015 (the day it was released) and I have been carrying it wherever I go ever since…reading it here and there whenever I have had a spare minute.   The book is definitely an adult book since there are a few naughty words used but it is an interesting read.  For those not naturally curious it gives the reader ideas on how to begin a curiosity journey and why the journey is worth embarking upon.  For those who are naturally curious it encourages them to continue on this path.

The book was inspired by “curiosity conversations” that Hollywood producer Brain Grazer has been scheduling with interesting individuals for over 30 years.  He shares how curiosity helped him find success and encourages readers to value this quality.

Today I FINALLY finished the book.  Here is what I loved about it:

  • He tells the tale of how he was a struggling reader as a youth (p. 84) and what he did to overcome this label.
  • His curiosity conversations are a delight to read.  When reading them you feel like you are in the room listening and learning from some amazing humans.
  • He models perseverance throughout the book sharing about the YEARS he spent thinking about some of his movies and how he never let hearing the word “no” discourage him.

Here are some great quotes:

  • “Curiosity is fun and enriching personally, in isolation.  But the value and fun of curiosity are magnified by sharing what you’ve learned.” (p. 81)
  • “When you know more, you can do more.” (p. 200)
  • “You just have to ask one good questions a day, and listen to the answer.” (p. 200)
  • “Curiosity flows so naturally that it’s a passion.” (p. 180)

The book brings up how schools do not always value, encourage, and foster curiosity.  I can see where in an age of standardized tests this may be true.  As a result, those in education must be dutiful in listening for and to students’ questions so that they can be fostered and encouraged.


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