Challenge Accepted.

cropped-nerdy-bannerI have only recently become a follower of Blogs.  It was actually a friend’s recommendation of a Blog site that helped me to figure out the process:

  1. Locate a Blog that interests you
  2. Find and press the FOLLOW button on the screen
  3. Enter your email address
  4. Confirm your email address
  5. Receive email notifications whenever a new Blog post is made
  6. Read what interests you!  YAY!

One Blog I that I have been following recently is the Nerdy Book Club.  This is how this Blog describes its members:

If you love books, especially those written for children and young adults, then you are an honorary member of The Nerdy Book Club. Like us, you probably always have a book along to read, a title to recommend, and time to talk about works held dear.

This online space was designed to give us a home to share that love of reading with others as well as to organize voting and announcing winners of our First Annual Nerdies Book Awards.

Today’s post titled “Getting Hooked” was so good I printed it out and had to make a comment (I never do this!).  This was my comment: Thanks for sharing this inspiring story of perseverance. I am going to steal your “Challenge Accepted” tagline from now on!

Interested in reading the post?  You will find it here:


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