The Reading Strategies Book

Reading-Strategies-Book1Have you ever come across something so amazing you wanted to keep it a secret so nobody else knew about it?  I kind of feel that way about today’s Blog topic.  Today I will be writing about the newest professional development book on my desk – The Reading Strategies Book.

Heinemann has done an amazing job marketing this book.  First, they created a video and offered sneak peaks of the different chapters on this blog:  Then, they offered discounts to those who would pre-ordered the book.  Also, they created a Facebook group (all before the book was published)!  I took full advantage of all the pre-release offerings and received my copy of the book two weeks ago (shh!).  I have only leaked my knowledge of the book to one other person in my town…until today.

What push me over the edge to share this amazing resource with you was the Voxer group I joined yesterday with teachers from ALL OVER THE COUNTRY who are just as excited about this book as I am.  As group members we are committed to reading the book together this summer so that we are fully prepared to implement the strategies in our classrooms in the fall.  Then, once we have tested our lessons with students we plan to report back to the group how it went.

So that I could be a valuable group member I read the “Getting Started” chapter of the book yesterday and here is what I learned:

  • The book is really a big list of strategy lessons that have already been thought up (HALLELUJAH!) and teachers are encouraged to adapt the lessons to fit the needs of their students.
  • The book is organized in a hierarchy of possible goals that help teachers SEE the continuum of learning 🙂
  • We must inform students of their reading goals and help them work towards achieving them.
  • It provides the best explanation of the difference between a goal, skill, and strategy I have seen (p. 8-9).  Plus, there is a goal sheet on p. 8 I would love to try using.

I am super excited about this new resource.  The author writes “this book is the ultimate cheat sheet/guide to fuel all my goal-directed, differentiated instruction in conferences and small groups” (p. 13).  If you are interested in reading this book with me this summer…just let me know!


7 thoughts on “The Reading Strategies Book

  1. Kelly Roark says:

    Hello Rebecca,
    I’ve been thinking a lot about students setting goals and how we can motivate them to meet their goals. .and get excited about them!!


    • The challenge of goal setting and monitoring goals has been the BIG topic of our Voxer group. It is not as easy in “real life” as it sounds in books. This is especially true students have not been asked to be active learners in their previous classrooms. That being said, it is well worth the effort to do in all subjects! A great introduction to them are student portfolios.


  2. Lori says:

    I am currently ordering Word Nerds and The Reading Strategies Book. I have only heard great things about Word Nerds from other blogs I follow.


    • I just received my copy of Word Nerds in the mail…haven’t cracked it open yet but excited to. Keep me posted on what you think. You will love The Reading Strategies Book! It is by far the prettiest PD book I own.


  3. Kristyn Cabler says:

    This is exactly the kind of book I need! One of my goals for next year is to implement reading strategy workshop … this looks like the perfect resource! I’m going to order mine today!


    • Guess the secret is out! You will have to tell me more about what your reading strategy workshop looks like! Sounds fun! I am hoping the book will REDUCE my at-home planning time by giving me great ideas to build from. WAHOO!


  4. Leigh says:

    In my early years of teaching, I had students set goals…long term, short term, cross curricular. This year, I was finally able to bring this back to practice (after surviving my first two years back) during my writing block. The kids set up goals- about 2 months into the school year after reviewing their portfolios….they were able to reflect on my comments “stars and wishes”, look at the progress they had made and choose where they wanted to take their writing. I chose one goal, they chose one goal and we decided on a third together through conferencing. What I found frustrating was my inability to regularly re-visit these goals and update them. However, at the end of the year…it was so rewarding for students to hear….”wow, look at what I have accomplished”. They were owned their learning…they were more invested in meeting the goals they set!!! I wonder how to apply these same thoughts for reading goals….hmmmm. Interesting….

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