Should Teachers Have Reading Goals Too?

goodreads_logo_324-a908b923dc3ed9b7a13f3da4d1ffb2dfAs I have been exploring the web this summer I have seen several teachers talk about THEIR reading goals.  A few have mentioned having a goal of reading one book a day over the summer while others have mentioned having a goal of reading 100 books in a year.

I love setting goals.  Goals motivate me to act and keep me from playing Candy Crush.  While these other teachers have set goals that encourage them to read VOLUMES…I am going to take a more leisurely approach with my reading goal.  My reading goal this summer is to always be reading a book that I know I will be able to share and recommend to a student.  Knowing books, and lots of them, will help me be more effective in my book recommendations to students in the fall.

I recently learned of a website that will help you keep track of the books you read.  You can rate books, join book groups, and follow friends to see what they’re reading.  The site will also recommend books for you to read based on your interests.  Interested in signing up?  Here is the link to the goodreads website: Link

Are you going to create a reading goal as well?  Let me know!

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