Awesome Bookmarks!

7573b38215be0408e396a3e171a5357fWhile searching for a Father’s Day craft on Pinterest I came across these AWESOME and easy to make bookmarks.  Wouldn’t it be great if each child in a classroom had their own original and personalized bookmark like this?  I can see this as a great first week of school project and then using them all year long during Reading Workshop.

Here is what students need to know when you take their picture:

Simply tell them to pose for a picture like they’re hanging from a rope, and they don’t need anymore direction!

Interested in learning how to make these?  Follow this link.


One thought on “Awesome Bookmarks!

  1. Leigh says:

    We did this with my preschoolers and put them as props in the block play. They are simple easy to make and the kids love them!!! Never thought of doing them as book marks!!! Awesome- easy- Idea!!! I will add it to my first week of school to do list!

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