Collaborate and Share


There was one value that was modeled and promoted in my doctoral program that wasn’t emphasized in my other degrees – it was the power of collaboration. When I partner with others I find my knowledge deepens, my workload lightens, and I enjoy the work so much more.

Today I was reminded of the power of collaboration again and again when:

  • teachers in my VOXER group created a Google Drive folder and started freely sharing all their documents and their thinking around F&P leveled books and the differences between each level (YAY!).
  • teachers in my VOXER group began sharing their struggles with leveled books.
  • a teacher at my school gave me the “keys to the city” by helping me out with a website I was struggling with.
  • a professor I had four years ago emailed me to ask if I wanted to help write a proposal for a presentation to deliver at an upcoming educational conference.
  • my dissertation chair and I agreed to co-author a presentation for an upcoming educational conference.

Yes, that all happened TODAY.

The power of collaboration is one of the main reasons I am writing this Blog.  I am hoping that by sharing my learning it might start up a conversation so we can team up to tackle something BIG in literacy together.


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