Professor John Hattie

esukudu_john_hattie_baromc3a8tre_influence_visible_learningWhenever anyone refers to John Hattie’s research my mind immediately begins to visualize the “gas gauges” that fill his book Visible Learning.  While I have read this book and heard his research cited often I have never heard Hattie speak…until today.

Today I came across a BBC Radio interview that Hattie participated in last August.  If you are interested learning a little bit about what really matters in teaching it is well worth spending the 28 minutes to listen to it.

When the interview was finished I had a complete page of notes taken.  Here are a few highlights:

  • John Hattie is Australian (OK…not important but makes the interview fun to listen to)
  • Teacher expertise (how they think) is the most important factor to student achievement
  • The goal of Hattie’s research: “All I want to do is make all teachers like our best.”
  • “What is not right is that kids come to school to watch us work.” (HA!)
  • “Errors are a critical part of learning.”
  • Teachers who are successful sell their subject to students by sharing their passion.
  • We should be measuring schools on growth…not achievement
  • by the age 8 students learn their place in class (I am a C student).  It is the job of the teacher to mess that thinking up!

Want to learn more…like his thoughts about homework in primary schools?  Click the Interview link here. I would love to hear what your big takeaways were!


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