Engagement Myths

mythsLast year I had the best time creating learning chants for several of the reading genres we teach in 3rd grade.  One of these genres was Myths.  My chant went as follows:

Myths, myths they’re not true (said in whisper voice shaking finger no beginning at they’re).  So, I don’t believe them (students point to themselves at I)…but others do! (students point at different friends around the circle stopping on one person when they get to do)!

As I stated in an earlier Blog post, my school district’s new motto is Engage! Encourage! Empower!  So now, whenever I see one of these topics being discussed in education I stop at take notice. Recently ASCD (Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) took on the topic of engagement presenting 5 common myths: Find out what they are here!

How did you do?  Did you believe any of them?

One of my favorite graphics that helps me think critically about engagement is:

Engagement I also like this video that flips the thinking about engagement around: 10 Expectations

The field of education is filled with buzzwords.  As teachers we need be knowledgeable about these buzzwords so that we can easily separate the myths from the facts.


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