Hooray for CeCe!

18650892304_a40e09d8fd_zLast year my school chose CeCe Bell’s El Deafo for our One School, One Book program.  The students fell in love with this graphic novel and many chose to read the book more than once!  If you are unfamiliar with the book it based on CeCe’s real life experiences as a young girl growing up and attending school with a hearing impairment.

We are blessed to have CeCe Bell as a local author and at the conclusion of our One School, One Book program she visited our school!  CeCe gave two daytime presentations and one evening presentation.  I will never forget after the evening presentation our students were invited to either get cake in the back of the cafeteria or go to the library to have their books signed and the students all rushed to the library first.  The students and parents did come back to eat our delicious cake from Wades afterwards.

The picture on this Blog is of the cake that was made for the Newbery-Caldecott-Wilder Banquet.  If you would like to see CeCe’s reaction to the cake, what it looked like when it was cut, and learn more about this year’s winners check out this Blog:  Watch. Connect. Read.  And let’s all shout hooray for CeCe!!!


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