Writing About Reading

id-10047393The above quote was recently posted on Two Writing Teachers Blog along with these interesting thoughts that I want to remember about having students write about reading.

  • Writing about reading is tough.
  • One of the first skills students need to effectively respond is, learn when and where a good spot to pause comes in a text and then be thoughtful about what they want to annotate.
  • We want our students to think deeply about why they stopped. What in the text made you stop and think, “She’s brave,” and why is this important?
  • Here are prompts that push a student’s thinking about writing about their reading:
    • I think…
    • For example…
    • This is important because…
    • The reason for this is…
    • On the other hand…
    • So, what I am really trying to say is…

Writing about reading is SO important.  What do you do in your classroom to encourage this?

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