Mentor Texts


Recently I read another Blog post from Fran which addressed Mentor Texts.

She mentioned the following points that I want to remember:

1. All books that are read aloud to students are NOT considered mentor texts.  It is ONE text that matches the genre that I am teaching and that is completley covered in post-its because it is my “Marked – Up Mentor Text”.

2.  I am not choosing my most favorite book for my mentor text because I am going to read it OVER and OVER and OVER as we study. It has to be a high quality book that has clear instructional points that works for the writers.

3. I am considering the interests of my students.  I am NOT choosing a mentor text because I LOVE it.  Instead, I am choosing a book that has content that the students will relate to – be a part of their lives – to increase their own belief in their ability.

Possible Mentor Texts:

Shana’s 10 Books of the Month for 2015-16
My Spring Robin – Rockwell
Charley’s First Night – Hest
Owl Moon – Yolen
Kiss Good Night – Hess
Short Cut – Crews
Goal! – Javaherbin
“Let’s Get a Pup!” said Kate. – Gordan
Z is for Moose – Bingham/Zelinski
One Green Apple – Bunting
Salt in His Shoes – Deloris Jordan
Lunch – Naomi Nye
Yard Sale – Bunting
Neighborhood Sharks – Roy

I love this thinking about Mentor Texts!  Next on my To-Do list is to Google the list of texts mentioned to see which ones I want to add to my personal library.  If you own any or have read any let me know!


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