Monitoring Matters

612179Goal 3 in The Reading Strategies Book is titled: Supporting Print Work: Increasing Accuracy and Integrating Sources of Information.  In the goal’s introduction it states, “Isolated phonics skill work without the application in actual books is shown to be of limited effectiveness” (p. 77).  Effective Word Study therefore needs to incorporate an application component in real reading and writing.

A clever monitoring lesson was recently shared with me to help students think about the importance of reading accurately.  Here is the lesson:

  • Choose a poem to read to the class
  • Ask students to identify words they are not 100% sure about their meaning.
  • Take those words out of the poem and reread it.

This short lesson shows students what happens to their comprehension when they don’t take the time to understand all the words in their reading.  The result is that their comprehension suffers.

The teacher who shared this lesson with me is a 5th grade teacher.   She stated that her team did away with using Words Their Way with their 5th graders because they were not finding it to be beneficial for their population of students.  This year they will be trying a more embedded approach to word study as suggested in the book Word Savy (pictured below).  I found a used copy of this book on Amazon for super cheap ($4) that I plan on purchasing to learn more.

877371If you have read this book let me know what you think!


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