The Wheel of Feelings

inside-outIf you have not seen Disney’s newest film Inside Out I highly recommend doing so!  I am excited to discover how the exposure to this movie will impact students’ thinking about character emotions both in their reading and their writing.

The past two days there has been a lot of buzz about this diagram:

CJ6ha97UMAACu5PIt has been labeled the “Wheel of Feelings” and when I first saw it I immediately thought of the characters from Inside Out.  How great is it that it starts with the names of the main characters (+1 other) and then branches out to more advance synonyms!

The Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy highlighted this wheel today with a post from Mental_Floss titled Improve Your Vocabulary With the “Wheel of Feelings” (click on the title to read).  In the posting, an English teacher named Kaitlin Robbs was credited with designing the wheel.  When I clicked on the link to her website I also found this awesome vocabulary chart:

vocabulary-expand I am ESTATIC (I found this word on wheel under happy) to use both of these tools with my readers next year.


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