ShelfieRecently I learned a new term that I totally love – shelfie.  Above is Melanie Fuemmeler’s shelfie that documents her personal and professional reading in a month.  She posted this shelfie in a Blog post on the Nerdy Book Club.

Melanie explains that she learned about shelfies from Penny Kittle in a session where she talked about the power of stacked books.  Melanie states, “I have found this to be so true.  Writing them down is one thing, but to many students that feels very book log-ish which equates to no buy in.  However, when students can stack the books they have read to physically see all of them together–now, that becomes a powerfully validating moment.”  So, she takes pictures of the books she has read each months to share with other educators and students.

Here are two shelfies of mine.  These shelfies are of the books I would like to read in the 16 days I have left of summer vacation:

IMG_7216This is my stack of professional reading!  Yes, I am way behind on my journal reading.

IMG_7217This is my stack of student texts I hope to read.

For motivation I am not allowing myself to buy any more books until these are read.

So, do you have a stack of books waiting for you to read?  What is in your stack?  Do we have any similarities?  Let me know.


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