Reading Conferences

Today the Heinemann Summer Session showcased the work of Dan Feigelson by posting a reading conference he held with a young girl named Ella.  The video highlights his work described in his book Reading Projects Reimagined.  If you are unfamiliar with how reading conferences might look or sound it is a great video to watch and you can find it on the Heinemann Blog here.

Reading conferences are my absolute favorite thing to do.  I love working one on one with readers and discussing a book (or books) that they have self-selected to read.  In these conference I enjoy helping readers apply what we discussed in our minilesson that day to deepen their comprehension.

When searching for the Ella clip on Youtube (which I did not find) I also came across the video above which is another conference Feigelson held.  My favorite part of these two videos is how he ends both of them — with goal setting and an explanation on why the work is important. These are my favorite sentence starters from the video:

  • Tell me more about…
  • Let’s make a goal of the number of places…
  • Can I challenge you to do…
  • How long do you think it will take you to…
  • What’s important about this work is…
  • Doing this work will help you…

So, after watching the two videos what are your thoughts on reading conferences?


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