The Art of Doodling

doodle-dude-holding-pencil-4882531Have you ever encouraged students to doodle while you teach?  I recently read an article that promoted doodling.

Here are my some interesting quotes from the article:

  • It causes you to listen at a different level
  • I sat through two 45-minute lectures in high school social studies and not only was I super focused because I was doodling, I could also basically give the lecture afterwards.
  • If I look at the doodle again today for three to four minutes, I can basically remember it all again.
  • What they can produce is beautiful and it makes them better listeners

BUT here is my favorite reason listed as to why students should be asked to doodle:

  • The practice also makes student learning visible and provides a valuable formative assessment tool. If a student sketches an interesting side note in the lesson, but misses the big themes, that will show up in her drawing. And when students share their drawings with one another, they have the chance to fill in the gaps in their knowledge, and drawings, while discussing the key ideas. Going over the drawings also solidifies the information for students.

The full article also links to a Rated R TED talk on the topic of doodling.  If you are interested in learning more…grab a pencil, paper, and click on the red link above.


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