No More Round Robin Reading!

Whats-wrong-with-round-robin-readingHere is a FANTASTIC article that explains the shortfalls of round robin reading titled 11 Alternatives to Round Robin Reading. The shortfalls include (a) stigmatizing poor readers, (b) weakening comprehension, and (c) sabotaging fluency and pronunciation.

What I really love about this article is that it provides teachers with great alternatives AND links that describe the alternatives further. Here are some alternatives to RRR mentioned:

  1. Choral Reading
  2. Partner Reading
  3. Peer Assisted Learning Strategies
  4. Silent Reading
  5. Teacher Read Alouds
  6. Echo Reading
  7. Shared Reading
  8. The Crazy Professor Reading Game
  9. Buddy Reading
  10. Timed Reading
  11. Fluency Oriented-Reading Instruction
  12. Reciprocal Teaching
  13. Reader’s Theater
  14. Radio Reading

Thank you Edutopia for the great reminders!


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