Building School Teams

team-building-27120189Recently I read an article on the Edutopia Blog titled 10 Truths About Building School Teams. It got me thinking about school teams I have worked on in the past and what led to some being so successful and others dreadfully unsuccessful.

According to the author Elena Aguilar to build a resilient, high-performing team we need to remember:

  • Our purpose is to serve children.
  • Our work is to learn.

I LOVE this quote: “The only way we’ll make a dent in the mountain of challenges that we face in schools is if we, the educators, never stop learning.” 

  • Emotional Intelligence matters.
  • Power matters.
  • Trust matters.
  • Building a team takes TIME.
  • Healthy teams have healthy meetings.

I LOVE this fact: “You can take the pulse of a team’s overall health by observing ten minutes of any meeting.”

and this one

“For every hour of meeting time, you should spend two to three hours planning. (Yes, that much planning time — that’s what it takes.)”

  • Communication between teammates matters.
  • Conflict needs to be dealt with not ignored.

As the new school year begins so will new school teams.  My hope is that I can serve on teams that are highly successful and that keep in mind the points stated above (and below).



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