04143cb93aabe926ec6bca3704bc5497The Two Writing Teachers have a great Blog.  This week they are sharing their thoughts on creating classroom environments.  Saturday’s topic was charts and there were some GREAT ones that I want to remember:

Here is their Getting Started with workshop chart:

workshop-i-can-chartI love how this chart shows what the students AND teacher will be doing during this time.  I also love the WHY the work is important inclusion.  Too often my charts just focus on the students.

Here is their Staying Focused chart:

focused-chartI love how much ownership this provides students in problem solving for themselves!

Here is their Talking chart:

basic-talking-chartYes, I think even 5th graders need this detailed of directions on how to talk with others!

Here is my favorite…their Stamina chart:

imag2019I love the word challenge used on this chart, how it explains why stamina is important, and what part of stamina they are working on.

Here is another interesting chart I found on the Internet:

cea8430e6492f2b849a599bfe09a95a7Click on the link about to see the complete list of charts that were posted.  Which are your favorites?


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