Digital Resources

Japan-The-First-Country-to-Go-Digital-TVRecently I learned about a 10 digital resources that I want to remember:

  1. this FREE site allows you to convert YouTube videos to your computer without ads.  Nice!
  2. Zaption is a FREE site and allows you to create learning tours — you can embed questions into videos and track students answers.  Cool!  Here is a link to a demo.
  3. Rewodify that allows users to simplify difficult text.  All you do is copy and paste text into the program and it changes difficult vocabulary automatically.
  4. Wonderopolis is a site where students can go to find the answers to their OWN QUESTIONS.  Check out this great blog post from A Teaching Life on how to use this website in your classroom.
  5. Flocabulary covers vocabulary, language arts, social studies, and math topics by rapping about them.  It has a current events video uploaded every Thursday evening (appropriate for 5th grade).  Each video has a transcription and students can click on vocabulary and see picture.
  6. Word Generation has lessons with 5 vocabulary words for math, science, debate, and writing.
  7. TC Courses of Study shows progression ladder of book choices on student interests
  8. Evernote is an app that allows you to take notes on a student conference, upload a picture of work, and record a conversation.
  9. Genius Scan allows you to turn any picture into a PDF.
  10. 50 favorite classroom apps that I need to take a closer look at soon.

So, are there any digital resources you have discovered recently?  Please share!


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