Classroom Blogs?

journal bleuI launched this Blog on June 4, 2015 just the second day of summer vacation.  Today I mark my 66 Blog post with just two remaining days before students return to our school.  Blogging has provided me a place for reflection on my daily learning and keeps everything neatly in one place (with links).  My positive experience with Blogging has got me wondering:

  • What would happen if students were invited to Blog?
  • What would I need to know to help students Blog?
  • What materials would I need to have for a class to Blog?
  • How would student Blogging work?
  • What routines and expectations would need to be established?
  • Which students would love it?  Why?
  • Which students would hate it? Why?
  • How could I keep the student posts safe and appropriate?

Luckily there are many teachers before me that have attempted this feat, succeeded, and have shared their learning.

Here Kathleen Sokolowski shares her learning in trying it with her 3rd graders last year.  Read this AMAZING first post she wrote to her students inviting them to BlogHere is a space where you can read questions that teachers have had about classroom Blogging.

KidBlog is the platform that Kathleen used with her students and after looking at other platforms what I think I would use too.

My questions continue:

  • Could I do this too?
  • How should I use it?
  • With whom should I try it?

So, what are your thoughts?  Have you Blogged with students before?  Do you want to try it with me?  Let me know and we can join the adventure together!


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