And the Learning Continues…

FullSizeRender 2I began Day 3 of the TCRWP Summer Institute at an informational meeting to find out how to bring staff developers or institutes to a school or city.  I learned that there are many ways to connect with the program which include the free Saturday reunions, Twitter Chats, Units of Study Conference Days, On-Site PD, and Homegrown Institutes.

IMG_7840In Interpretation Book Clubs we met in grade level teams to explore and then share how interpretation is taught in the Reading Units of Study in grades 3 through 8.  In 5th grade we noticed the heavy use of book clubs throughout all the units and the encouragement to get students talking.  Then we met in our book clubs where we explored our thinking of characters by using metaphors.  Our instructor gave us a bag of 5 picture cues to help facilitate our ideas (see picture) along with sentence starters.  We closed our session by using craft cards to study and explain characters in a digital text.

IMG_7842In Backstage of the Reading Units of Study we continued our role playing and discussing of minilessons in small groups.  Then as a whole group jigsawed our learning with one of the units.  My group studied kindergarten (see picture).  We ended the session by doing some adult reading and then evaluating our work against the new Progressions of Learning.  We were told that these progression are meant to be used to accelerate learning by showing students where they are and how to get better.

FullSizeRenderIn Guided Reading and Small Group Instruction to Support Nonfiction Reading we were shown “how not to have wacky at the kidney table.”  We were encourage to make our groups SHORT so that students can move on to independent reading.  Guided reading would be taught in these small groups if we wanted to help build meaning for students to be successful in a text (note: these students all get the same text).  A strategy lesson would be taught if we want to reteach a minilesson or a new reading strategy (note: these students are at all different reading levels).  I loved that they suggested these lesson be 10 – 15 minutes at most and not 30 minutes!  This allows the teacher to see more students and the students to READ!!!

IMG_7852In the closing session Teaching with Transfer and Application in the Front of Our Minds we were challenged to teach reading strategies in a way that encourages transfer. How is this done?  By using the same strategy over multiple texts to notice that it works differently in each one.  For the session we studied how characters were complicated in ways that are admiral and not.  We explored this idea by reading two texts and watching two videos (picture above).  We discovered that we can:

  • have differing ideas about characters from others
  • find characters can change
  • change our ideas of characters
  • learn about life from characters.

“We need to teach reading as a way to learn how to live.” Alfred Tatum


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