IMG_7934On my walk to Teachers College the last day of the Reading Institute I spotted this penny and picked it up.  I found it a perfect symbol for the narrative of my week.  How lucky I had been to be taken off the waiting list, able to find affordable travel accommodations on such short notice, and have a family and school system willing to support me.

I started my day at a session titled Interested in Becoming a TCRWP Staff Developer?  Having attending all the other optional early meetings I was surprised to find this session was standing room only!  If you would ever be interested in this position it is usually posted on the TCRWP website in January or February each year.


In Interpretation Book Clubs we worked on poetry to support interpretation.  This couldn’t be easier!  All you need is a baggy, a poem, and these 5 questions cut up:

  • What picture do you have in your mind?
  • What are some issues in this poem?  How do you know?
  • What poem/book does this remind you of and why?
  • What is this poem really about?
  • Look at the poem from a different perspective.

Then as my instructor always said…”just add children.”

FullSizeRenderI climbed the 7 flights of stairs in Thorndike Hall for the last time to attend Backstage to the New Units of Study.  Today we asked any final questions and had them answered.  Check the website next week for the online video training for the RUOS that will be posted!

IMG_7959In the closing keynote we were asked if we would rather be a safe merry-go-round teacher or a thrill seeking fun house teacher.  It certainly is easier on the merry-go-round because you know what will happen BUT when you step in the fun house you never know…


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