Being a BRAVE Teacher

braveI shouldn’t have been surprised when I typed in the word BRAVE and found all the images referenced the Disney movie.  I kind of like Merida’s stance in the picture above.  She seems ready to fight and protect what she cares about most.

If you have not read Mrs. Knott’s post about being a brave teacher please do so!  Every word is worth thinking about.

Here are a few gems I found:

  • It’s hard to go against the grain.
  • Using worksheets is easy.  
  • Going back to what we did last year doesn’t take as much time. But is it best for kids?
  • So even if you’re scared, be a bit braver.  Be brave for students.

So, what will you be brave about this year for your students?  Here are my top three things:

  • Providing time to read.
  • Providing time to talk.
  • Providing choice.

If you are brave…list your thoughts below.


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