#RUOS Reading Pathways

IMG_8005Reading Pathways is my new favorite book.  It is packed with important information that I am beyond excited about digging into.  Each kit in the new Reading Units of Study comes with the book and I was blessed to be given an extra copy when I attended the TCRWP Summer Institute.  The book is SO fundamental to the new #RUOS that an entire video in the new video series is devoted to it (scroll down to the last one).

This is what Lucy Calkins says about the text in the video:

  • I know it is going to make an incredible difference to your teaching
  • You will be unpacking it and living off it for a long time
  • You don’t want to do this alone if you have any chance at all
  • Have you as a school normed running records so that you agree on expectations? (Ch. 3)
  • Expect readers to read about 2/3 a page per minute.
  • Reading Logs will only be powerful if you pay attention to them and help kids pay attention to them.
  • If you don’t have that image of what it means to get better…than how can you teach in ways that support that progress?

My favorite chapter in this book is Chapter 4 which is titled: Understanding Bands of Text Complexity and Using Them to Move Readers up Levels.  Here are the other chapters in this book:

  1. A Toolkit for Reading Assessment
  2. Assessment Systems as Part of Whole-School “Systemness”
  3. Implementing Running Records
  4. Understanding Bands of Text Complexity and Using Them to Move Readers Up Levels
  5. Understanding Strands of Nonfiction Text Complexity and Using them to Support Readers
  6. An Introduction to the Learning Progressions
  7. Performance Assessment
  8. Students and Teachers as Agents of Change:  Teaching and Learning Informed by Learning Progressions
  9. Record Keeping:  Developing Effective System for Teachers and Students
  10. Tap the Power (and Avoid the Harm) or Large-Scale Data
  11. Learning Progressions
  12. Assessment Examples

Look for more to come from this text as I dig in further.  If you have read it…share what you love about it.


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