The Techie Teacher

blog-button_zpszm8vrbklIf you are not a follower of The Techie Teacher Blog you are missing out!  Julie teaches me something new each time she posts!  Here is a link to her Blog. Her posts are filled with pictures and step by step directions on how to bring technology into your classroom.  The great thing is that she always discusses technology within a context of a lesson that she has recently taught.

Here are a few things she has gotten me thinking about from this recent post:

mainLogoStudents can upload digital pieces to dotstorming.  Then they see everyone’s work and can uses dots to vote on their favorite piece and write comments.  Cool!

DGH4nTbi1uhb333GUTSN4pbvi9TowC4JUzQqL0ifORskQqloL0RZXJ_v1YBmVMiauSTJ64XE6g=s50-h50-e365With Google Drawing students can work together on separate devices to create one picture.  Very cool!  Here is Julie’s description of how she used drawing and dotstorming together. have seen a few teachers use Padlet on Twitter.  This is a virtual wall that students can respond to teacher questions and see all their classmates responses as well.  It looks very, very cool.  I am just unsure if it is free or not.  Click here to learn more.

logoBoardthing looks a lot like Padlet.  The Techie Teacher describes her use of it with spelling groups here.  It is free right now which is why I may start with this tool.  You have to request and invite since it is in Beta stage.  I am waiting to be accepted 🙂

Finally there is Realtime Board.  This is an online whiteboard that looks like it is free if you collaborate with just 3 users.

All this Tech knowledge came from one Techie Teacher post!  Are you ready to follow her yet?  I still have to decide which medium I want to start trying with my students.  If you have a favorite that is FREE let me know!


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