In There Own Words

School is out for summer!  It is time to sleep in, re-energize, travel, read, and dust off this Blog site.

Today’s jot comes from the Collaborative Center for Literacy Development where they have posted videos of literacy researchers answering these questions:


  1.  Will you share something about your literacy journey?
  2. Can you tell us something you are currently working on?
  3. What is that burning topic that keeps you awake at night that is not being addressed in the world of literacy?


Above is my favorite of the videos.  Here are some great quotes from Jeff Wilhelm:

  • “One of my worries whenever there is a reform is that it will get dumb downed…teachers will be told what to do instead of being helped to be designers of curriculum and teacher researchers who learn from their kids how to teach them.”
  • Choice reading was found to produce 5 kinds of pleasure:
    • Immersive Play – Enjoyment from living through the book
    • Social Pleasure – Relating to characters, authors, other kids, and identifying themselves as a type of reader and person
    • Intellectual Pleasure – In figuring things out
    • Work Pleasure – Develop the capacity to apply what they learned in a functional way
    • Inner work – Rehearsing the kind of person they wanted to be
  • “I have already told my wife if we revert back to this imformation transmition teaching (which has dominated American education for over a hundred years) I am going to retire!”

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