Packing Summer Reading for Vacation!


Are you traveling this summer?  Don’t want to pack a suitcase full of books?  Check out your public library’s subscription to OverDrive!  This service and app has saved me so much money in book purchases PLUS I have been able to gobble up books quicker by listening to them on my way to work.

Each library has their own selection of books available and rules about how many books you can put on hold, the number of books you can check out at a time, and how long you can keep them.  You can check out both ebooks and audiobooks.

For my first trip of the summer I have checked out the Audiobook:ClickHandler-1Flunked was recommended to me by my daughter and approved by a class of 5th graders at my school.

OverDrive has led me to a subscription to Audible where I am able to buy and keep audiobooks.  If you are an Amazon Prime member you can get your first 3 months (this will give you 3 free books too).ClickHandler-1

Using my audible account I am “packing”:

This leaves room for a few books!  I borrowed this book from the library to take with me:


And finally I am packing these books I own:

I know there is no way I will get through all of these texts but it is comforting to know I will have them.

Well, I am off for my first trip of the summer!  YAY!


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