Fluency by Rasinski


Today was the last day of the 2017 VSRA (Virginia State Reading Association) Conference.  I am so glad I made the early trip up to Roanoke on a Saturday and spent four hours learning more about fluency from researcher Timothy Rasinski.

What did I learn about improving fluency?  It is about having FUN!

  • SING – He started both presentations with a song.  Singing is fun, cultural, aesthetic, and reading.
  • PLAY with WORDS
    • Word Ladders
    • Making Word Activities (Cunningham)
    • Practice reading the same word different ways and notice how the meaning changes.  We said “dude” as a greeting, question, like we were mad, and like we won the lottery.  This activity made me think of the story: YO! YES!
  • MODEL fluent reading
    • Stop during read alouds and say “Did you notice how I…used speed, tone, voice?”
  • Used Assisted Reading
    • Choral reading
    • Paired Reading
    • Captioned TV
    • Technology read alouds
  • Practice Reading

Why is fluency instruction important?

  • It is the bridge between word study and comprehension
  • Studies cited showed amazing results just by including songs or poetry to instruction

How often should we work on fluency?

  • 15-20 minutes a day

How could this look in the classroom:


Here is my favorite slide from the presentation:


Fluency is not about reading FAST it is about COMPREHENSION…speed will happen on its own.

He ended his presentation with this poem his mom sent him during his first year of teaching:


Here’s to great success working on FLUENCY!


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